What Kind of Gaming Monitor is best for PS4 Pro?

PS4 Pro is the most loved gaming console around the world. Gamers around the world prefer PS4 Pro as their primary gaming console. With that, there is a huge demand of gaming monitor for ps4 pro https://x2.games/best-gaming-monitor-for-ps4-pro/ 

Latest PS5 is out now and it is the perfect time to hunt down some of the best gaming monitors for PS5. You will find a lot of gaming monitors for ps5 but not all worth the buck. We strongly recommend this list of best gaming monitor of PS5 https://x2.games/best-gaming-monitor-for-ps5/ where you will get a great collection of PS5 monitors. Using these gaming monitors for PS5, you will be able to enjoy games at a higher refresh rate and resolution. You should also check gaming TVs for PS5 https://x2.games/best-gaming-tv-for-ps5/

A dedicated gaming monitor can decide your victory or defeat while on the battlefield. Gaming monitors are different from casual office monitors. Here are what is the difference between gaming & office monitor. If you have no experience with gaming monitors before and you have no idea about gaming monitors, this guide will help you in deciding the best gaming monitor for ps4 pro.

Gaming monitors are dedicated monitors made for gaming that gives fast response. While office monitors come with a response time of 8-10ms, some gaming monitor gives you a response time of 0.5ms. 

For PS4 Pro, you can get any gaming monitor that supports a 60hz of refresh rate. You will find gaming monitors with 60hz, 75hz, 144hz, 240hz refresh rate. If you are into PS4 Pro and PC gaming, you can definitely get a 144hz or even 240hz gaming monitor but if you are playing games only on PS4 Pro, you don't need a 144hz refresh rate as PS4 Pro only supports 60hz of refresh rate.

Along with the refresh rate, there is one more thing you should be considering before you get your hands on a gaming monitor. You should also check the resolution of a gaming monitor. PS4 pro only supports Full HD resolution but if you are going towards PS5 or Xbox Series X, you can go for a gaming monitor with 1440p resolution. The most preferred 1440p gaming monitor size is 27 inch. Here are some of the best 27-inch gaming monitors 


you can buy for gaming. 

A lot of gaming monitor supports 240hz gaming but not on higher resolution like 4K. For 240hz gaming, you might need to go to a 1440p gaming monitor. The new Xbox Series X, for example supports 120hz gaming but at 1440p. For 4K gaming on Xbox Series X, switch to 60hz else get 120hz at 1440p. Check out best gaming monitor for Xbox Series X https://x2.games/best-gaming-monitor-for-xbox-series-x/

for the best gameplay.

High refresh rate gaming monitors come with a hefty price tag and paying for something that you can never be able to use is a foolish act. Even if you are using a 144hz refresh rate gaming monitor with PS4 Pro, you will only get refresh rate of 60hz only.

In that case, it is recommended to get a 60hz gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. If you want a gaming monitor for both PC & PS4 Pro, make sure it has dual HDMI ports which always convenient to switch between two devices without bothering the cables again and again. Also, if you are looking for 144hz Gaming monitor for PC, do check if 144hz is supported on HDMI or DP. 4K Gaming monitor is the best kind of gaming monitor for PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro supports 4K output and playing games in 4K is ultimate bliss. Check out some of the best 240hz gaming monitors that also supports 4K resolution.

Some console gamers also interested in the Portable gaming setup. Yes, you can easily set up a portable gaming desk and you can literally carry it with you and game anywhere you want. You just need a gaming console like PS4/Pro, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and portable gaming monitor, you are all set. Here are some of the best portable gaming monitors to consider for a portable gaming setup. For portability, you can also get gaming laptops that give you an ultimate gaming performance wherever you want.

We have a lot of great gaming laptops scattered into different price segments. One can easily get the desired gaming laptop in its budget. For the power pack performance, you can get a $2000 gaming laptop that checks all the gaming requirements you need. Here are some premium gaming laptops under 2000 

https://x2.games/best-gaming-laptop-under-2000/ you can consider buying one for you. 

Buying a gaming monitor is easy when you know what you want. Otherwise, you will end up by paying money for the things that you will never use.

If you are someone who are more interested in curved gaming monitors, we also have that choice as well. The Curved gaming monitors can give you better viewing angles and experience. The curved gives the natural viewing angles that go easy with the eyes. Check out best-curved gaming monitors 

https://x2.games/best-144hz-curved-gaming-monitor/ for the immersive gaming experience. You can use curved gaming monitors for PC as well as console gaming. In both cases, you are going to have a smooth gaming experience. Also consider buying a gaming chair with a footrest 

https://x2.games/best-gaming-chair-with-footrest/ for extensive comfort while you are playing for longer duration. The need for gaming chair increases when you are planning to stream the gameplay on Twitch. Along with a good gaming chair, a USB microphone 

https://x2.games/best-usb-microphone-for-gaming/ is also required so that you get professional voice quality.

PS4 Pro is already outdated with the launch of PS5 but there are still gamers who love to play on PS4 Pro. For them, you do have a list of the best gaming monitors for ps4 pro.